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Balance Awareness Week September 18-24, 2017

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Vertigo and dizziness are the second most common complaint after headache.

One in twenty doctor visits are for complaints of dizziness or vertigo. Dizziness and vertigo are not a diagnosis of their own, they are symptoms of something going on in your body that isn’t quite right. There are a range of things that can cause dizziness.

It is estimated that 5% of the population will experience a vestibular (balance) disorder episode. That’s ONE million Australians.

Vestibular disorders are notoriously difficult to diagnose and can affect people of all ages but are predominant in adults of working age and older persons, with more females than males affected.

Inner ear Vestibular symptoms are distressing for individuals, life changing and often chronic in nature.

Balance awareness week focusses on raising community awareness of the symptoms of balance disorders and the work of Whirled Foundation.

Together with the UK Meniere’s Society and the Vestibular Disorders Association USA (VEDA) Whirled Foundation invites you to participate in Balance Awareness Week, to help raise awareness of vestibular disorders across the globe.

You can help raise awareness by:

  1. Sharing how you rebalanced your life after being diagnosed with a vestibular disorder. You can share your story with us directly by emailing or share it with your friends via social media, local radio stations and newspapers to help spread the word.
  2. Sharing our awareness video “Talking Meniere’s” which includes short interviews with specialists as well as Meniere’s sufferers who talk candidly about living with a hearing and balance disorder.
  3. Sharing our Community Service Announcement.
  4. Share the following video on Vertigo and Nystagmus by clicking here.
  5. Create an Everyday Hero fundraising supporter page to share with friends, family and colleagues and ask them to join in or make a donation. To visit the Whirled Foundation Everyday Hero page click here .
  6. Download and print our 2017 Balance Awareness Week Poster to hang at your place of work, in your doctor’s office, local community centre, library or local business etc.  Take a photo of yourself and your friends/colleagues with the poster and email them to our office & share them on social media.
  7. Click here and “Like” Whirled Foundation on Facebook. Be kept up to date on Balance Awareness Week and other Whirled Foundation activities and share our posts with friends & family.


Saturday 23rd September – 4th Annual Meniere’s Disease Research Symposium. Click here for more details.


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