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International Information

Today the web and social media provides a wealth of information, not all accurate or balanced in content and advice.

We recommend caution in accessing information and to seek out reputable sites.

Alternatively membership of Whirled Foundation will allow you to access information taken from our regular scan of internet sites that has been vetted.

International Organisations

The following website links are for international Meniere’s and Vestibular disorder organisations:


The Meniere’s Society United Kingdom


Vestibular Disorders Association (USA)


BC Balance And Dizziness Disorders Society (Canada)


Other Useful Websites

The following webpages have been shown to be worthwhile:


Dr Tim C Hain (USA)


Meniere’s Disease Information Centre (USA)


Hearing Association Wellington (New Zealand)


Meniere’s Association Italy

This site is written in Italian. Should you wish to read it in English it is best to Google the site and click on the translate button.

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