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Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) Research

on March 6th, 2017

Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) is a rare neurological condition that affects the vestibular system, which controls balance. The condition is experienced more by women and has no cure.

Symptoms of MdDS include a continuous swaying, rocking, or motion-like feeling that typically arises following a motion experience such as traveling on sea. It can also have a spontaneous onset, where patients cannot attribute the onset of their symptoms to a motion-event. It is estimated to affect 12,000 people in Australia, and 3 million worldwide. As the discovery and research of MdDS is still novel, the underlying cause and aetiology of symptoms is currently unknown, and thus treatments for this condition have yet to be completely effective.

Dr Cherylea Browne from the MdDS Research Group at Western Sydney University became interested in MdDS after her own diagnosis of the condition and is now conducting research into the clinical features of MdDS. Her interests include the underlying hormonal aspects of MdDS and autonomic nervous system maladaptation in MdDS patients. The MdDS Research Group, though early in its formation, has generated interest from around the world, with collaborators contributing to research studies from Mt Sinai Hospital in New York, Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney and Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium.

Currently, the research group has a questionnaire available for people with MdDS whose initial onset was due to a motion event. Click on the following link to participate in the research. This questionnaire will be open until the 15th of March 2017:

Other questionnaires and other research projects that require participants to visit the laboratory in Sydney will be advertised on the MdDS Research Group Facebook page:

Please contact Dr Cherylea Browne  for any information regarding research projects, collaborations or research student opportunities.


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