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Talking Meniere’s

Whirled Foundation (formerly Meniere’s Australia) put together a Meniere’s Awareness video, “Talking Meniere’s”, produced by Russell Bishop and the staff of the School of Culture, Media and Creative Arts at Curtin University.

The video includes Specialist Professor Gunesh Rajan and Vestibular Physiotherapist Alex Ring providing key insights into Meniere’s and the treatment of this disease.

Also appearing in the video are, retired nurse Murray Cox, teacher Gail Hardy, HSEQ manager Peter Doody, Geophysicist Louisa Clegg, Lindsay Rowe, Senior Consultant, Subdivision, Landgate and actor Kym Bidstrup who share their experiences and offer personal and important advice about dealing with the diagnosis and living with the condition.

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What is Vertigo & Nystagmus?

Have you ever wondered what nystagmus feels like? This video provides a short explanation of these symptoms where we show you what nystagmus looks like from the external and internal views.

But be careful, it’s not for the fainthearted. The video has the potential to make you feel dizzy.

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